I keep saying, I am a wildlife lover first and then, a photographer.

Since my very childhood… call of the wild had always posed a subtle magnetism, making me feel being in a surreal world. The bookshelf I used to possess for stacking my story books used to be filled with travel, adventure and hunting stories and I used to get chills down my spine reading Corbett or Kenneth Anderson or watching a movie like “Born Free” since most of the times I used to land up dreaming about myself enacting the story. As I grew up, I realized that a camera is a wonderful tool to capture wonderful moments of life forever; photography became a passion and thus started the journey…

I have been passionate about photography since I was a child of 12 years … sometimes dormant and sometimes exhibited, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends, sometimes in backyard garden and sometimes in unknown terrains, sometimes climbed up difficult mountains and sometimes sweated under the scorching desert sun… I have traveled far and wide… across the country I belong.


Father’s dream was to see his son as a doctor and the same resulted in years of academics and subsequent corporate professionalism. During all these years, the passion of wildlife kept me motivated even with busiest schedules of all other professional pursuits… Whenever I could find an opportunity, I preferred spending time in nature’s solitude and captured all its beauties in frames as I saw it. I framed whatever I saw and felt best through my camera. I learnt from my mistakes and I believed every day is a learning for me. It has been a wonderful journey so far. I learnt this again and again – a dictionary of photographic techniques may prove useless unless the eye behind the lens is in love with the subject. In wildlife photography, the subject is unpredictable, doesn’t allow second takes, mostly comes with poor light conditions and above all is highly sensitive to the approaching photographer and hence knowing the subject remains more important that knowing the camera.


Associations, appreciations and awards helped me to further nurture my skills and dream bigger. Today, I am happy that my photography is acknowledged and appreciated by a wider range of audience and I thank all those who supported, blessed and motivated me throughout my journey. I dream to establish Wildlife Photography as one of the most sought after career opportunity in India and I am sure, we are moving ahead in the right direction.

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